A Faster Way to Sold

If you want to sell your home quickly, the new cataLIST Program is your ideal solution.
If you own a qualifying property and choose to participate, you potentially have the opportunity to receive a cataLIST Cash Offer within approximately one business day.

The cataLIST Program gives you:

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You’ll have the option of a speedy close, eliminating the stress of the normal selling process and the worry of being unable to sell the home.
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After receiving a cataLIST Cash Offer, you can either accept immediately or choose to market your property traditionally.
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You won’t have to worry about deep-cleaning the home, multiple showings, staging, or continuing to pay tax, insurance and mortgage on the property.
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Sellers who accept the cataLIST Cash Offer can close any time within a 90-day window, making it easier to facilitate your move into a new residence.
Address Checker

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Qualification Criteria

CLICK HERE to view the cataLIST property qualification criteria

Want more options for selling your home?

Contact offers@catalistproperties.com for more information.